Starting from a passion for research on strategy and governance, management, innovation, legal, investment, mentor of a group of entrepreneurs, strategic researcher, administration, management, jurist, since 2000. Later developed into the Institute of Strategy and Innovation, which was approved by the Central Council of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (also known as the the Central Committee of the Vietnam Union of Associations) issued a decision to establish. The Ministry of Science and Technology issues the certificate of scientific and technological activities, the Ministry of Public Security issues the operation seal with the abbreviation ISAI Institute.

Each of us also wants to have the opportunity to develop for ourselves and our grandchildren, as well as to contribute to the community and society. With the increasingly competitive socio-economic situation, and deep integration into the global economy, Vietnamese individuals and businesses lack both capital, strategic experience, and management experience. , innovative innovation and all cooperation linked together. To be there, and the development, also as to like to match with the variable, constantly changing world socio-economic.

ISAI Institute, along with members and partners, wishes to contribute their small capacity to support individuals and businesses in improving business investment capabilities, development strategy planning, and building capacity. building and developing an innovative management, management and change system. Improve skills and effective working capacity of senior management staff and leaders. Consultant for application and development of science and technology for businesses, units and individuals. And organize model connections, exchanges, cooperation results. The first goal of ISAI and its partners is the contribution of sympathy and development capacity to investors, businesses and individuals, developing new start-ups, developing stronger, more sustainable businesses. more work.

We are a board of practice, helping entrepreneurs and individuals grow their investment business in the most sustainable way

Our standards of consultants, trainers and mentors must meet at least the following criteria: at least 12 years of development in leading French and American multi-industry corporations specializing in property investment. manufacturing, M&A, has a history of nearly 400 years and has a professional human resource training and development system. Plus, I have been founding a company that has created hundreds of jobs, over 12 years of existence and development in the market. I am also a practical researcher, different in strategy, governance, management, innovation, legal, coaching, mentor and dared to test my models in the direction of boldness and failure. fail and succeed. In addition, they must pass the complex creative theological tests and interviews in terms of ideology, morality, dedication to the community, depth, generality, long-term nature of themselves, as well as other skills. Basic and advanced skills.

The leadership of ISAI Institute always strives to invest, research and develop innovative models in supporting individuals and businesses, and to accompany localities and organizations to develop and support startups. startup company in a sustainable way. Besides organizing a playground for exchanges, cooperation, bonding, fostering and training of individuals and businesses. Wishing to promote effective cooperation and cooperation, sincerely helping each other, not only domestically but globally. ISAI leaders have invented many innovative models and ways to improve the ability to make strategies, governance, management, innovation and linkages, support development for individuals and businesses.

Particularly, contributing to creating a playground for connection between individuals and entrepreneurs. ISAI has a model of “Connecting C”, which is a model received from VTOCgroup, as part of a 20-year intensive research strategy on “strategy, governance, management, innovation, investment, training , connection”. The “Connection C” model is a different model of connection and exchange to promote really effective cooperation, based on methodical strategies, management systems, management and organization. And most of all, the members are always sincere, enthusiastic, support each other, have a desire to link to create common strength, professionally. The patch applies to the Creative Cooperation Club and the Business Development Club, the Legal Support Club, and the Security Economy. As well as ready to transfer and share to other clubs, associations and associations.

In addition, undergoing research, strategic consulting, administration, management, innovation, investment, and skill improvement training for individuals and businesses. We hear many stories and sympathize with the great difficulties of businesses and individuals, when they themselves or their loved ones face legal problems such as land disputes, conflicts, frauds, accidents. … both civil and criminal. And they expect a sincere, trustworthy and effective help. And to respond to that desire, as well as we are experts, lawyers, researchers in economics, security, legal, community. Together with the ISAI Institute Council, the general news site, the general news site, the magazine publication, to develop the Club Club/Center for Legal Support, Economic Security (LATABI). We not only have in-depth knowledge of the law, but also “long experience” and “understand the relevance of the case, even if it is a complicated case”. We help with legal issues related to land and property disputes; marriage; shares, business purchase and sale, investment cooperation… And other civil and criminal cases. In addition, we also support and advise on investment procedures, licenses, projects, foreign investors who want to invest or M&A businesses in Vietnam, or Vietnamese investors who want to invest in Vietnam. foreign…

ISAI Institute is also dedicated to young people, ready to give advice and career orientation for them. We have the experience and ability to detect the talents of middle school children. As well as the ability to develop young people. children for sustainable development. ISAI always creates conditions for children during their studies, or internships, to learn practically at member companies and clubs of the Institute. And/or any child with good ability will be included in the Institute’s “talent incubation” program. The children get practical experience in the environment and resources of professional companies. And being mentored and invested by entrepreneurs who are business owners with many years of experience in the world’s leading corporations, before founding and running their own businesses, developed over 12 years, and have the capacity to invest. Dedicated and dedicated to helping the community. Especially under the Institute’s strict “Talent Nurturing” program.

The Institute of Strategy and Innovation (ISAI) does not advocate personal brand development (even as a founding leader of the Institute) but a common strength together, especially with partners, friends, customers, our investors. And we hope to always be a partner, companion, and sincere cooperation with all brothers and sisters in all parts of the country and around the world. To contribute to the development of the country and the world for a better day.

Thank you very much and look forward to cooperation.

If you have any interest in cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact: or phone number: +84.902.333.009 – +84.983666640

The current organizational structure of the Institute includes:

Management board

Scientific and expert council.

The Board of Directors consists of the President and Vice President.

Departments, representatives of provinces, cities and some countries.

General news site, publication of Economic magazine An

Centers, clubs, member units:

  • Centers to support individuals and businesses (for capital, loans, mortgages, assets, debts): Helping loans to perform contracts of purchase and sale of goods and properties. Liquidation of land assets, vehicles, machinery, equipment, valuable goods. Buy and sell used cars. Help with debt problems. Commodity Exchange. Helping with case finance for clients of the Legal and Economic Assistance Center (LATABI), and customers of Green Sand, RamBon, VTOC Corp.
  • Center for Legal, Economic and Security Assistance (LATABI): Land and property disputes; marriage, family; accident; in debt; civil and criminal judgments; M&A legal procedures.
  • RamBon Investment and Development Fund: Business acquisition (M&A), startup investment, scientific and technological product research.
  • Connecting Model C (Creativity Cooperation Club; Legal Support Club, Economic Security; Business Development, Entrepreneurs & Startups); and joint stock companies.8